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Friday, October 20, 2017

Sabahans In Great Anger, Not Only Fixed Deposit Gone In Sabah, Sarawak But GE14 Most Definitely Postponed to 2018

Whoever is advising MO1 on strategy is a bigger moron than Moron One. Moron One's advisors are Super Morons.

Everyone is asking when the 14th General Elections will be held. Well let me answer you. It will be held within the next NINE MONTHS.  So you can start campaigning now. 

The elections must be held latest by July / Aug 2018 ?? That is 9 - 10 months away. It will not be held in the last possible month. Some Elders say it will be held around  March 2018. If so, that is FIVE MONTHS away.

MO1's people have stopped talking about the really stupid Washington Bungle. The butt kissing was so jijik. Especially with MO1's voice trembling like a little boy.

I dont know what could have possibly made them want to arrest Shafie Apdal now - with just FIVE months or NINE months before the elections.  And today I have received a viral message detailing Musa Aman's fabulous wealth. The message is obviously coming out of Sabah. The Resistance is fighting back.

Whatever few votes that MO1 could hope to get from Sabah are now gone.  Sabah is no more your fixed deposit.

Did you all know that Hindraf is running a very succcesful campaign among the Indian voters. The campaign is called "Zero Vote For The BN".

Someone should take this canpaign to Sabah.  "Zero Vote For The BN".  

Jangan fikir atau jangan risau if this campaign was started by the Hindraf. Its a great sound byte "Zero Votes For The BN".

At the rate they are bungling, it looks like indeed they will be getting zero votes. 

I want to run a poll folks. Please give me your views.  

The poll will ask "Do you know anyone who will vote for the BN?"

I am not asking if you will vote for the BN. I am sure you will not.

I am asking if you know anyone who will vote for the BN?

I believe the BN may get only those 9 - 12 seats in Parliament which their internal polls have shown. Thats what I was told by the Elders.

Sabah is gone. 
Sarawak is also gone.

I had lunch with the Pahang people today. 

Negeri Pahang aman sentosa,
Kaya dengan tumbuh-tumbuhan . .

A Society With An Upside Down Value System

Ok guys we can see and hear you. You have to bear in mind 
the Rohingyas are "Sunnis". You Dayaks in 
Sri Aman are just Christians.  Or worse.

 Its the beliefs. The value system. This about sums it up.

Susah mengesan k_rbau pendek, walaupun depan mata