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Thursday, August 17, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Saudi Moron Prince wants out of Yemen war, leaked emails reveal


US official says Mohammed bin Salman (MBS)  wants to end (Yemen) conflict
he was okay with Washington engaging with arch-foe Iran

MBS say US could engage with Iran

MBS heir to throne, confessed to 2 US officials he "wants out" of war in Yemen
he was "okay" with US engaging with arch-foe Iran
according to leaked emails obtained by Middle East Eye.

He was quite clear... he wants out of Yemen and he is OK with US engaging Iran

Details of meeting in email between Indyk and Yousef Otaiba, UAE ambassador 
which was obtained by GlobalLeaks campaign group.

My comments : 

This looks like a genuine leaked email. The effect of this leaked email that the Saudi Crown Prince has had enough of his stupid war against the Yemen must have a devastating effect on the already non existent morale of the Saudi armed forces.

Can you imagine if you are a Saudi soldier or Saudi general risking your life fighting at the frontline and your leaders in Riyadh are crying, "Ummi, ummi save me. I want to get out of this war with Yemen".

I hope our local kaum DNA bahalol will also take note. 

Pak Arab Unta sendiri sekarang sudah menyesal main api di Yemen. 
Seronok-seronok nak pi bom dan hancurkan negeri orang lain. 
Sekarang terima padah pula. 
Sekarang Pak Arab Unta sudah menyesal kalah. 
Nak gostan pula.  
I hope you really feel stupid again today.

The Iranians have a standing joke about Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Army does NOT know how to use all the high tech weapons they have bought from the US. 

As one stark example the Saudis are really inept at driving and manouvering their M1 Abrams tanks. They often leave their tanks with the rear (the weakest part of the tank)  exposed or facing the enemy. Hence a 'Made-In-The-Village'  RPG round can destroy a US$10 million tank. 

The Saudi airforce cannot fly without American groundcrews to keep the planes serviced and flying.  This has been going on for about three decades now.  The US Airforce provides air to air refuelling for the daily bomb runs against Yemen.

Mohamed Bin Salman's war against  Yemen is NOT being fought by the Saudis.

The problem for MBS is the Yemeni embarassment is getting worse for him.  
The Saudis attacked Yemen sometime in May 2015. 
This is now the third year of the war. 
The Saudis are losing to the Houthis.

The Houthis are still holding their ground.  In fact the Houthis are well entrenched inside THREE Saudi border provinces ie Asir, Jizan and Najran. These THREE provinces were originally Yemeni territory which was invaded by the Saudis in the 1930s.

It was only somewhere in the 2000s that Saudi Arabia formally made an announcement that they were annexing Asir, Jizan and Najran as part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

The Yemenis are now reoccupying those same territories which was theirs in the first place.

To end the war the Saudis must pay war reparations for all the damage they have done in Yemen.

The Saudis must also pay 'blood money' for the more than 10,000 Yemenis they have murdered. 

Plus the tens of thousands they have injured and maimed by dropping illegal cluster bombs on them. 

The Saudi Crown Prince has said that he does not mind if Iran is involved in the process. This is a BIG BIG mistake.Even the Houthis did not ask for this.

Yemen will demand that the naval blockade against them must be lifted.  
This will allow the flow of supplies and (Iranian) weapons into Yemen.  

I think the Iranians will also demand that the Saudis leave alone the Shias in Qatif, eastern Saudi Arabia. Iranian weapons will possibly find their way into that region as well.

Mohamed Bin Salman's head must roll. 
There has to be a change in leadership in Saudi Arabia as well.

It is way overdue that both the Wahhabi paganism and the Saudi clan be replaced by a more Islamic and a more civilised group of people.  It will be good not only for their people but also for the Islamic world and the rest of the world.

Herein lies great opportunity.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Saudi King, Crown Prince CANNOT Visit Malaysia Anymore !! Hooray.




SPAT in MO1 administration over Qatari emir's visit to Malaysia

Anifah Aman firm that Putrajaya host Emir of Qatar next month
Hisham Hussein wants trip delayed  until peace brokered 

Anifah unhappy that his ministry's decisions questioned
emir invited and it cannot be delayed

We are impartial country so why should we hold off visits 
Anifah more experience in Middle East since he took Wisma Putra in 2009.

Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt broke off relations with Qatar on June 5
Saudi demanded camels belonging to Qataris keep to their side of the border

 Camels will be molested from one side only now

Hishammuddin seen to be close to Saudis
featured prominently in King Salman's visit in February 

MO1 asked Jawa to smoothen ruffled feathers between Anifah and Hisham.
Jawa  invited Qatar emir to visit Malaysia in February.
Qatar home of Al-Jazeera
Malaysia is one of three bases for Al-Jazeera 

My comments :   

The Foreign Minister wants the visit by the Qatari Emir to proceed as scheduled. 

The Defense Minister says since there is tension between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the visit by the emir of Qatar should be postponed.  ("wants trip delayed  until peace brokered")

This also means that any future visits to Malaysia by the Saudi Arabian king, queens, crown princes etc are also postponed, until peace is brokered between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. 

So other than Zakir Naik, the Saudi king and crown prince also cannot visit Malaysia anymore. 

Alhamdulillah. Allahu azeem !!  Allahu azeem !!

May Allah save us all from the syaitan.    

Chief Thief Flushes Isa Down The Toilet

Whether it is a sandiwara or no (the AG may decide NOT to prosecute Isa) most certainly Isa's reputation has been flushed down the toilet. He has been arrested - that is now on the record. Isa is another another corrupted crony who has been thrown to the dogs by his boss the Chief Thief. 

I dont know whether these morons realise it or not but that is how the Chief Thief seems to operate. He uses all these crooks to do his dirty things. Then if they get caught or their dirty deeds are exposed and the temperature gets too hot, he just lets them get sacrificed. They become used toilet paper. That is what is happening to Isa.

Here is the news :

abuse of power,  corruption in purchase of two hotels by Felda 
arrest of former Felda chairman Isa Samad.

MACC to freeze all assets owned by Isa

Isa called to give statement on purchase of hotels 
one in London, other in Kuching
arrested after two hours of questioning

MACC said arrest made based on witnesses’ statements
MACC confident strong basis to wrap up investigations

Isa to be brought to magistrate’s court to be issued remand order.

MACC confirmed Isa’s house in Selangor had been raided.

June 21 Isa and wife Bibi Sharliza questioned four hours at MACC 

FIC (Felda) bought 4 -star Park City Hotel in upmarket Kensington for RM330m. 
price was overpaid by RM110m.

FIC purchase hotel in Kuching, Merdeka Palace Hotel for RM160m
RM50mil more than its actual value. 

key Felda personnel called up by investigating team 

Isa’s aide Muham­mad Zahid Md Arip, former FIC CEO Zaid Jalil, also held
They have since been released.

FIC board member Nur Ehsanuddin who is Kota Tinggi MP,  statements recorded


Conclusion : The question for Isa Samad and all the other crony crooks to ponder is how come their boss Chief Thief is still walking around scot free? 

Thursday Lite : Mat Maslan IQ 3.85 Garu Tel_q Dgn Tangan Kanan

The following picture has gone viral. Its Mat Maslan cooking again. He is wearing a glove on one hand and handling food with his other ungloved hand.  The typical moron.

Unless he uses his right hand to garu tel_q and did not wash either.
The morons never fail to make fools of themselves.

Conclusion : 

Still making burgers? 
Sudah 60 tahun merdeka tapi masih jual burger saja ke bro?
Kalau Charles Darwin tersilap, hang punya pasai lah bro.