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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pas-Pis-Pus Sudah Mati . . . . Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji-uun

Empty seats, empty hall

Empty seats, empty talk, empty otak

Kepada Hishamuddin Onn, Zahid Hamidi : Naib Presiden Terorisma

Dear Dato Hishamuddin Onn Minister of Defence, Dato Zahid Hamidi Minister of Home Affairs.

Hishamuddin has sent troops (the RMAF) to Saudi Arabia to help them fight terrorism.
Now Saudi Arabia says Hadi Awang is Vice President of a terrorist organisation.

So can Zahid send the Police to arrest Hadi Awang for being involved with an organisation labelled terrorist by Saudi Arabia?

If you are not going to arrest Hadi Awang,  it means you dont care who Saudi Arabia labels as terrorist.  Fine. 

In that case can you also bring back our RMAF boys from Saudi Arabia? Why put our boys at risk and waste our resources fighting Saudi Arabia's  "terrorists"??  

Organisation, of which Hadi VP, declared ‘terrorist’ body

Intrn'l Muslim org, Hadi vice-president declared “terrorist” by Anti-Terror Quartet.

report in Arab News IUMS on its list of organisations who support terrorism .

Saudi, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain said IUMS promote terrorism through Islamic discourse

Qatar-based IUMS formed in 2004, headed by Youssef al-Qaradawi.
council said to be Muslim Brotherhood which led Arab Spring in 2011 
toppled autocrats in Middle East and North Africa.

IUMS includes Saudi cleric Salman al-Awdah arrested by Saudi in September

terrorist organisations working to promote terrorism to facilitate terrorist activities

accused Qatar of aiding terrorism
received direct Qatari support 
providing them with passports 
assigning them to Qatari institutions to facilitate movement

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain severed ties with Doha on June 4
Qatar continues to sponsor, finance terrorism, extremism, hate speech.

Hadi said he would choose Qatar, Turkey, Iran over Arabs 

Saudis forged intimate ties with Israel and US, Hadi said in article in Harakahdaily

Recently, Hadi attended conference in Iran and slammed by IUMS.

Qaradawi condemned Hadi’s visit to Iran
Union waiting for explanation from Hadi about visit 

to effectively reduce activities of terrorist, extremist organisations

My comments : They are all uneducated village idiots. I find it very hard to believe that even in the 21st century these uneducated village idiots can get so much column space in the media and the Press.  

Let me share some personal knowledge I have about another conman village idiot who has since passed away.  You all know about the shaman who had a "PhD"  and was actually a Professor at a local university.   He said he "bela jin" ("cultivated" genies??) He ran a clinic for decades which treated people using black magic and genies (or jin in Malay).

I know people who were told they would have to pay RM10,000  for "heart surgery" to remove a blockage in the heart.  The treatments failed and finally they went to the regular hospital. They all got conned. Yet the fools still believed the conman. The pagans just kept searching for the appropriate rock that they could worship.  

A friend who had been to the clinic said how patients suffering more serious cases (aka the RM10,000 patients) were ushered into a 'special" room with kemenyan and other black magic bullshit to "impress" them. Finally the maestro himself would appear wearing special 'black magic' gear. 

But as truth would have it, when the village idiot himself was stricken with heart disease, he got treatment in TWO Mat Salleh countries ie Australia and the US. His own genies (or jin in Malay) could not treat him or cure him of his heart disease.  Why not?  I have a simple answer : He was not willing to pay the genies RM10,000 consultation fees.

Here is more history about this conman that you may not know.  At the height of his career in the mid 1990s, the village idiot wormed his way into the private counsel of a Malay Sultan (not in Malaysia).  The Sultan, one of the richest men on earth, was going through a very rough period in his life. Money does not buy happiness.  The Sultan had turned 40.  The age of 40 is also called the age of bertaubat or the age of repentance - for all your sins.   

The Sultan had been cheated of billions by his family members, there was rumour of palace coups and palace intrigues.  The Sultan was a very unhappy man. He could not sleep very well. Enter Village Idiot the Jin Trainer.  He said he could help the Sultan "see" what was happening behind the walls of the palace. It was called "astral travel".

The Sultan agreed. In no time at all the Sultan was completely hooked to the Jin Trainer.  Every so often, the Sultan would either send his private jet or fly the Jin Trainer over to his palace. The Jin Trainer took an assistant along with him.

The Jin Trainer would put his "assistant" into a sort of trance. The assistant would then "travel" through the walls of the palace and "see" what the Sultans wives, siblings, family etc were plotting.  

The Sultan would reward the Jin Trainer and his assistant very well for their "black magic services".  They were paid in "inches".  Just the assiatant was paid about "half an inch" thick in bank notes, usually US Dollar note, Singapore Dollars or other currencies.    You can imagine the Jin Trainer must have been paid in many more "inches thick" of bank notes. 

How do I know all this?  The mamak connection.

Some clever mamaks (they are usually more cleverer)  had roped in the Jin Trainer as their business partner. They made him Chairman of a company that organised umrah tours.  Malay people paid good money to go for the umrah with the Jin Trainer leading them. Pendek kata, the mamak guys made tons of money. They shared some with the Jin Trainer as well.  This is like Jho Low and Kepala Bapak lah.

Then one day, the Jin Trainer suffered his first heart attack.  They did not call any Jin to treat him. Instead the mamak guys rushed him to hospital.  The doctor said he must get complete rest. So the mamak guys smuggled him away to an apartment near Lorong Bukit Ceylon in the Bukit Bintang area. For  days there was no news at all about the whereabouts of Jin Trainer.  His dunggu supporters were going crazy all over the Internet. They were asking where was their "guru".

My friends and I knew exactly where he was being kept. We even knew exactly what he was eating everyday. One of the "mamak guys"  was inside our loop.   He ran a food business and supplied food to the Jin Trainer everyday.  

Hence all this info.

Akhir kalam or conclusion :  It is so easy to make the Malays angry or upset. Just speak logically, using common sense, science and evidence. They will get angry. They will even hate you.

But if you speak like an idiot, use hocus pocus, poo kanan poo kiri,  use religious mumbo jumbo and as much crap as you can cook up - they will simply love you.  You will become a Malay hero.  No matter you are Zakir Naik, Jin Trainer, Yusuf Qardawi or whoever.  

This is a serious failure in the evolution of Malay thinking. 
It is a serious failure in the education of the Malays as a society. 
Or as a people.  
They just do not want to think. 
"Malas nak berfikir lah" is still a frequently heard complaint.

You want proof ?  How come Hadi Awang can get so much Press? Or Ostard Ferrari? Or the other Ostards?  Thats proof enough.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Congratulations Encik, You Are Now A Houseowner, Of 150,000 Houses !!

Folks, this is a shocking piece of news.  
Online media please follow up on this story.  
Opposition Members of Parliament, please bring up this issue in Parliament.

But first a walk down memory lane. I recall I was about 29 years old when I bought my first house.  Once my bank loan was approved and the documents were signed I recall my fellow banker wishing me, "Congratulations you are now a house owner."

That was 29 years ago. Since then I have built from scratch or bought and then sold  quite a few properties (land, apartments, shops and houses). 

It has been quite rewarding plus I have developed a complete set of skill sets - from the Sale and Purchase, the documentation, the approvals, the design and construction, the marketing and selling etc.  It has been an education.

A friend says, 'with great power come great power bills'. 
Similarly with ownership of assets come greater responsibilities.   

You have to pay the quit rents, the assessments, the water and electricity bills. You must keep the house in good condition, keep it painted, cut the grass, fix any leaking roofs, leaking pipes etc.  

It is strange - an empty and unused house has a way of  suffering more wear and tear and "breaking down" quite fast. Do not leave a building unoccupied for too long.  

Owning more assets mean more headaches taking care of them.

When you sell your houses folks, MAKE SURE you cancel your name with TNB, Syabas, Alam Flora etc.  It is your responsibility.  Otherwise if you did not 'potong nama' with TNB and if the new housebuyer  does not pay the power bills, you will be held liable.

Ok here is the  story. I just heard some really shocking news today.   The gomen (actually the Treasury or MOF to be exact)  has forfeited or repossessed over 150,000 houses from defaulting Civil Servant housing loans.  This is a huge figure and is quite unprecedented.  This is like 10% of the Civil Service !!

Civil Servants can take out loans from the gomen to buy houses. 
The gomen then deducts from their monthly salaries to repay the housing loans.  

If a Civil Servant leaves the Civil Service, then of course he has to refinance the housing loan from a bank and settle the gomen housing loan.  If he cannot settle the housing loan or if he cannot pay the instalments then the gomen housing loan goes into default. The gomen will repossess his house.

If the Civil Servant faces disciplinary action (for corruption, discipline issues etc) then his gomen housing loan is also terminated. The Civil Servant then has to pay the loan in full (by securing refinancing from the private sector).  If he cannot refinance or he cannot pay the instalments anymore, then it also becomes a loan default. The gomen will repossess his house.

In this way (plus more of course), the Treasury has repossessed 150,000 houses under the Civil Servants housing loan scheme. 

If the average gomen housing loan is RM100,000,  that works out to about RM15 BILLION in default !!

150,000 x RM100,000 =  RM15, 000, 000, 000

Without using the 'F' word, the gomen is screwed.  
Not forgetting 150,000 former homeowners as well !!

So now we must congratulate the gomen. 
They are now proud owners of 150,000 houses.  

"Congratulations Encik, You Are Now A Houseowner, Of 150,000 Houses!!"

What the - - - - - are they going to do with 150,000 repossessed house?

PR1MA is finding out now that a huge number of  Malays who registered as the 1.5 million potential buyers of PR1MA houses not only cannot afford to pay the 10% deposit but they cannot even secure  housing loans to pay for the PR1MA houses.

PR1MA plans to build 60,000  "not so affordable houses".

So PR1MA is not going to find buyers for many of those 60,000 houses they are planning. 

Then the gomen has repossessed 150,000 Civil Servant owned houses.

I believe that all these bad things are happening to the Malays (largely) because of multiple factors.  

The really stupid  "High Income Nation"  idea is definitely one major cause of this disaster.  I will expand on that soon.

The other reason is of course the GST.  As I said the Malays are largely "fixed income" monthly wage earners. The Civil Service alone employs over 1.6 MILLION Malays (Federal gomen, State gomen, Army, Navy, Airforce, Police, Maritime, GLCs etc).  

Easily 20% of their "purchasing power" has now been sucked away by the GST  (through higher prices of goods and services).   To maintain their life styles they have no choice but to dip into their savings and reserves.  After TWO years of the GST,  their savings and reserves are possibly depleted. Now they are selling their assets just  to survive.  It is NOT going to get any better.

Anyway,  150,000 units are a lot of unoccupied houses in the country.

Now the gomen must take care of all these repossessed houses and make sure they are in good condition.  Otherwise the gomen cannot resell or lelong these repossessed houses at a good price.

The people at the Treasury in charge of the Civil Servants Housing Loans are at this outfit:

Pusat Panggilan Utama : 03 - 8880 1600

(A little bird told me that the Ketua Pengarah has ordered a 20 foot container load of Panadol Fast Relief Pain Killer for his department).

Folks, assuming ayah kahwin satu saja, plus say four kids per household, it means about 150,000 houses x 6 pax = 900,000 people are now without their own home.  

The gomen and this country are in deep shit in more ways than one.

They will drive their cars until they run out of fuel. 
Then their cars will stop. 
They will then step out of their cars and stare blankly at the sky.   

And they will say  "Eli, Eli lama sabachthani".  

It is happening now.

They dont know how to fix this.
It can be fixed.

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Education Conspiracy To Keep The Malays "stupid and uneducated".

I have been wanting to say something about this for some time but the topic was too hot, the assumptions too wild. I already heard about this some time ago. 

It was only recently that what some OTHER people have been saying has sort of confirmed what I have been hearing. It is all falling in place. 

I have been collecting reference material since then.

First let me quickly get some main points down.


1. The gomen does not know how to  turn around or fix the totally screwed up sekolah kebangsaan education system.  So the gomen has decided to concentrate on only the Top 10% of sekolah kebangsaan and the top 10% of school achievers.  

The rest of the gomen schools can manufacture future Mat Rempits, office messengers and pizza delivery boys.

2. The Band System is now taking centre stage in the school system. There are FIVE Bands. Band 1 schools are at the top. Band 5 schools are at the bottom.

3. The former "missionary schools" (ACS Ipoh, Bukit Bintang Boys School, the Girls Convents etc) are being slowly wiped out. Some of them have become "Band 5" schools already.

 4. The gomen is treating the boarding schools (sekolah asrama penuh)  just like any other school. Nothing special about them anymore.  (MCKK, MRSM etc are going to be "down-ranked").

5. The education system will continue to be a place to provide jobs (as school teachers) for the hundreds of thousands of  poorer Malay girls and boys who would otherwise not have a means of earning a decent income.   

Ok those are the MAIN POINTS I want to get across. 

Now lets listen to some important people who have spoken recently about our education system.  First up is HRH Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim,  the Tunku Mahkota of Johor .

country’s level of education will remain below par 
easier to obtain votes, manipulate “stupid and uneducated”
Tunku Ismail says he was told by a certain important person recently.

  1. Tunku Ismail revealed shocking answer 
  2.  I questioned certain important individual
  3. "Why can’t we improve education?"
  4. individual answered it was two simple reasons, 1st to obtain votes.
  5. 2nd easy to control minds of stupid and uneducated.

  • “I don’t want my people to be easily manipulated” he said
  • by others who “twist and turn truth” 
  • distract people from main issues.

My comments :  The above interview with the Tunku Mahkota is dated May 30, 2016.  

The Tunku Mahkota's views seem to tally with what I have listed down above in the MAIN POINTS.

A friend who is deeply involved in education told me that about FIVE years ago (2012) he met another senior gomen official (from education)  who said the same things. The five MAIN POINTS above are from that conversation.  The senior gomen official said that this "Education Conspiracy" was hatched about FIVE YEARS earlier ie around 2007. 

The "ketuanan" thinking wants to totally wipe out the old missionary schools.   The "ketuanan" thinking wants to erase any memory that missionary schools exist in Malaysia or that they contributed so much to the country's prosperity. 

Hence less resources are being channelled to the old missionary schools.  
They are letting them just rot.  

My friend says the Bukit Bintang Boys School in Kuala Lumpur is now a Band 5 school !!  

To give you an idea about Band 5 schools, some Band 5 schools are at a level where the Police may come to school once a week to confiscate drugs and stuff.  That is a Band 5 school.

My old alma mater the Anglo Chinese School,  Ipoh is now a Band 2 school.  In my time it was a top school.   

So is the oldest English medium school in South East Asia the 201 year old Penang Free School (where I completed my Form 6).  PFS is now also Band 2.

Instead the gomen is focussing on gomen schools like SK Aminuddin Baki, SK Alam Shah, SK Putrajaya and SK Bukit Damansara as Band 1 schools. Band 1 schools get the most experienced teachers, the best headmasters / principals, the best school equipment etc. 

They are also downplaying the old established sekolah berasrama penuh (SBP) or residential school system.  The gomen has discovered (quite correctly though) that the sekolah asrama or residentail school system has unfortunately created a caste system whereby graduates tend to band together and look down upon people who are not from their college or school.  Politics, the Civil Service and the GLCs can become polarised according to the colour of the old school tie.  Ini Melayu punya cerita lah.

Hence my friend says that the Malay College Kuala Kangsar is now graded almost a Band 2 school.  Can you imagine ? MCKK close to becoming a Band 2 school ??

Ok here is some "support" to back up what I am saying:

  • July 17 — only fair Malay-dominated fully residential schools (SBP) be abolished
  • if vernacular schools were to go, Khairy  suggested today.
  • Khairy highlighting complexity of single-stream education system

Well, one way of "killing off" the sekolah asrama penuh is simply by cutting off the supply of money. And that is happening already. 

Here is my friend Ruhanie Ahmad  complaining that Tamil schools are getting the same amount of money as the MARA colleges !! Aiyyoyo !!

"Seig Heil Herr Ruhanie.   Die Nicht-Bumiputra sind unter 
menchen und unter klassen. Ruhanie ├╝ber alles"

 Budget 2018 made Bumiputeras 2nd-class citizen 
it affords equal opportunities to all races, said Perkasa.

We’ve become 2nd-class citizens

Perkasa cannot accept this. 

against Article 153 to provide non-Bumi equal access 
govt putting Bumi struggle equal to non-Bumis.

Although not wrong, it is against Article 153 of Constitution

affirmative action policies cannot be same level to other races 

  • Ruhanie ex Mara chairman 
  • could not accept that funds allocated to MRSM equal to Tamil schools.

only 10 to 12 pupils in the Tamil school. 

Bumis should be (getting) more.

My comments : This story is dated 19th November 2017. Ruhanie Ahmad says that MARA colleges are getting the same amount of funds as the Tamil schools.  Since Tamil schools are always considered 'bottom of the heap' it simple means that MARA colleges have now been downgraded to Tamil school rank.

As I said, there is a move to down grade the sekolah asrama penuh or residential colleges.  They want to undo the sekolah asrama "caste" system. 

Instead the gomen wants to focus on the top 10% of Malay students who will eventually run the country. They are creating an elitist system. The remaining 90% can become Mat Rempits, office messenger boys and pizza delivery boys. Meaning the 'free handouts policy' will continue for a while.  The elite 10% will take the cake and drop the crumbs for the remaining 90% dumbnuts.

In Singapore it is forbidden for Singaporeans to attend "international schools". International schools in Singapore are only meant for foreign expatriates. Singaporeans can only attend government schools.

In Malaysia, we went the other way.  Also about 10 years or so ago, the gomen decided to allow private international schools to mushroom in Malaysia. They were allowed to enrol even Malaysians.   

Since international schools are so expensive, only the children of the very rich can afford to attend private international schools.  Many rich Malay kids (and non Malays as well) are enrolled at these very exclusive schools.

The Marlborough School charges fees of about RM90,000 per year for Form 1 to Form 5. That is almost RM500,000 over five years. More than the cost of a private medical degree in Malaysia.   Eton College is also here. They charge about RM80,000 per year. 

But market talk is that the top international school in Malaysia is the one in Melaka owned by Tan Sri Halim Saad.  

These schools prepare Malaysian students to take the UK GCE O and A levels. Some of them also prepare students for the Singapore 'O' Levels.   They are in a different world altogether. 

These schools teach in English. Most importantly the lingua franca outside the classroom is also English. On the football field, in the dorms, in the cafeteria, at school plays etc the kids speak English.  This alone gives them light years'  advantage over the ordinary sekolah kebangsaan kids. 

They will become among the top 10% Malay elite that will rule over the Malay people in the future. The remaining 90% of the Malays will wait for BR1M, listen to the Ostard Wal Retards, watch ulcer-causing Malay dramas on TV3 and shop at the pasar malam and eat at the warongs (since the supermarts are all closing down). 

Now here is another news report, also  from Johore  :

8 of 10 Johoreans want return of English-medium schools in state, survey
survey by Spore’s Yusof Ishak Institute (ISEAS) 

82% support for English-medium schools across all races 

support strong across all demographic segments, among Malay rural 

in the past were not supportive of maths, science in English

survey released Nov 13 

highest among Indians 88%, Chinese (87%), Malays (77%).

Johor’s preference for English-medium due to success of S'pore

making them more internationally employable
  • strong support from Chinese, Indians for single stream education 
  • if Johor education modelled after S'pore’s English medium system 
  • which was actively promoted by Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.

survey conducted in May and June, 2,011 respondents interviewed 

1,104 (55% ethnic) Malay,  758 (38%) Chinese, 149 (7%) Indian 

My comments : HRH the Sultan of Johor
Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar wants a return to the English medium of instruction in Johore's schools

The Sultan and his Crown Prince speak with much wisdom.  
They speak like ordinary folk. 

Indeed if we return to the English medium of instruction, it will be quite easy to have a single stream education. We can do away with not only Chinese  and Tamil schools but we can also do away with the 'private international schools'.  

When I was in school, Tamil and Chinese schools were only meant for students whose parents were illiterate, stupid or both. Few Chinese went to Chinese schools. Few Indians went to Tamil schools.  Everyone went to the missionary schools and the government English schools. Because the medium of instruction then was in English.

For the bukan orang putih like us, in the 20th and 21st century, with English you can progress very quickly. 

Without English, you only imagine that you have progressed. 
It is called bodoh sombong and katak bawah tempurung.    

My suggestion is that we introduce  strong competition into  the administration of the education system.

Return the missionary schools BACK to the missionaries. Let ACS Ipoh, Kampar, Melaka, Sitiawan etc revert back to the Methodist Church. They have been doing a fantastic job of educating hundreds of thousands of Malaysians in the past.   The country has progressed well because of their education methods.  

Then let the gomen also manage the sekolah kebangsaan, the sekolah asrama etc.  See who does better. Then compete to outdo each other. 'You shall compete in righteous works'. 

Right now the Malays (largely) are headed to the Club of Doom under the present "ketuanan" system of education. I have different views about the Chinese, Indians and others.

The gomen should revert back to English not just in Science and Mathematics but in all practical knowledge subjects.  

Singapore is a good example of a society that has progressed very well because of English.  The Philippines will soon be another good example.  

The choice here is betwenn doom and boom. 
Doom as in destruction. 
Boom as in super growth and expansion.