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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dumbno Titiwangsa Rejects Jo Dunggu

Jo Ghani accused Umno behind rejecting him in Titiwangsa

work of someone inside . . .

Jo told Malay Mail last night

response to social media “Say no to DJ”
banners portray Jo's mugshot with red X across face.

banners read “We the grassroots of Titiwangsa plead to the prime minister to choose a candidate other than Johari.”

also included:

#TolakJohariGhani(oust Johari Ghani), #JoeSombong(arrogant Joe), #JoeAngkuh(snobbish Joe), #asalbukanjoghani(anyone but Jo Ghani), #JoeBongkak(boastful Joe), and
#ABJ(anyone but Johari) hashtags

Jo won Titiwangsa 2013 by 866 votes

My comments: There is not just one person 
plotting against this dunggu. I think the entire 
Titiwangsa wants him out. The guy has been saying the dumbest things. 

Makes the party look really dumb. Which it is.

It could also be possible that MO1 wants him out. Too embarrassing. 

2nd Finance Minister Says : "If you do not declare your income, then you dont have to pay taxes"

JoLo, Riza Aziz never paid taxes in Malaysia, says minister

2nd Fin Minister Johari Ghani says JoLo, Riza Aziz, 1MDB not under his purview

JoLo and Riza Aziz never paid taxes in Malaysia 
as they do not declare their income here, said Johari Ghani

According to our tax files, there is no (record). 
These names are not there 
they don’t declare their income in our country

He said if JoLo and Riza declared income, govt would impose taxes on them

Johari replying to Lim Lip Eng (DAP-Segambut) 

“Are BNM, LDN, other agencies investigating?

“What is source of income? ‘Halal’ Or ‘haram’ (illegal) money? 
Do they pay taxes?"   asked Lim in Parliament.

Johari said unable to answer questions relating to Low, Riza, 1MDB

“I am not in position to answer Yang Berhormat. I’m not privy to investigations.”

His response prompted Chua Tian Chang (PKR-Batu) to raise an objection.

"Many businessmen working and investing overseas have tax files.

"Why our officers not taking action in this high-profile case
has potential to lead to large tax collection?”

Lo close confidant of Najib
central in misappropriation of funds from 1MDB.

DoJ suits to seize US$4.5 billion (RM18 billion) bought with stolen funds 

Riza Red Granite agreed to pay US$60m to US govt 
profited from funds stolen from 1MDB

My comments :  I actually have RM2.6 Billion in my accounts. The funds were donated by an Arab for all my good works fighting deviant worshippers of geometrical shaped stone buildings on the planet Kolop. I have not declared the funds. So I do not have to pay taxes on those moneys.

Here is a suggestion folks. All you need is for someone to deposit money into your bank accounts. If you can do it from Australia it is even better. You can ask the donors to make 54 different deposits from Australia. Then do not declare your income.  Because according to 2nd Finance Minister Johari Ghani if you do not declare your income then you do not need to pay income taxes.

That is really very good advice coming from a Finance Minister.

I have checked with the Transport Minister. Do not tell people (or let the speed cameras capture you) that you are speeding on the Highway.

You can drive at 190 km/hr. But the moment you see a traffic camera coming up, slow down to just below the speed limit. Once you have cleared the speed cameras, you can go back to 190 km/hr.

Do take note.

Penasihat Kepada Kerajaan Kleptokrat Tanya Kenapa Jho Low Tidak Di Siasat

MCA Really Means The "Malay's Chinese Association"

The MCA does not represent the Chinese any more. The MCA represents the Malays who actually run the MCA.  The MCA does not even represent the Chinese towkays anymore.

First a report in the FMT by TK Chua :

Najib wants MCA to win seats to justify posts in cabinet
Chua Soi Lek prefers MCA to stay out of cabinet 

MCA cannot win
party is scapegoat, stooge, a beggar

MCA leadership hapless
unwilling to speak up 
rights of Chinese compromised 

MCA always pleading, begging 

does not matter if MCA in cabinet or out 
fundamental whether MCA brave enough to speak up
perks enjoyed by MCA

My comments :  The MCA has seven seats in Parliament. ALL SEVEN of their seats were won in solidly Malay majority seats. So how can the MCA even claim to represent Chinese interests?

I think the MCA leaders should stop wanking off for a day or two and really look at their situation. 

Not even ONE of your Parliamentary seats is in a Chinese majority or sizeable Chinese based constituency.

The MCA is beholden not only to UMNO but to huge Malay majority constituencies especially in Johor and elsewhere to win seats in Parliament.   

You cannot say that you represent Chinese interests.    Please wake up. Can the MCA win back Seputeh from the DAP? Not likely.  

Why? Because Seputeh is a Chinese seat.

So here is the situation. The MCA which claims to represent the Chinese CANNOT win back Seputeh. 

Why? Because Seputeh is a Chinese seat. 

This is solid evidence that MCA does not represent the Chinese.

In the coming elections the MCA will go begging to UMNO. Like a beggar.

What will the MCA beg for? 
Money? No. 
Campaign help? No. 
Campaign funds? No.

What will the MCA beg from UMNO?  

"Please, please, tolong lah - please give us Malay majority seats. So that we have a chance of winning."

On the other hand it is a fact that the DAP wins its seats in large Chinese population Parliamentary seats. In Perak, Penang, in KL and elsewhere the DAP captures the Chinese votes for sure.

The DAP has better claim to represent the Chinese - although the DAP claims to be multiracial. However the DAPs economic policies are good for everyone, Chinese and non Chinese. 

Why does the MCA go begging from UMNO?  The answer is simple : The MCAs dependence on UMNO and the Malay vote is because of this statement : perks enjoyed by MCA

The MCA guys are too used to the easy money, the projects, contracts, the Dato titles and rubbing shoulders with the kaum DNA bahalol. What a bunch of losers.

So here is the MCA claiming to represent Chinese interests but they will CERTAINLY 100% lose in Chinese majority seats. The MCA can only win in Malay majority seats. 

So here is a message for  Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong and the MCA leaders :